Function : Automatic inserting of irregular-shape parts

Creativity : The initiative development in domestic market

Development year : 1991

Industrialization facts : Applied to the factory production line on
Samsung Electronics in Gumi in 1992

Market Size : Applied from 1992, The productivity was increased
from 12,000 to 15,000B'd and automation ratio was increased to 100%

Special feature : IR 52 Jang-youngsil Sang winner in 1991
The grandprix of Jeong Jin Ki Sang in the science and technology fields in 1992

Function : Automatic Grinding Process for mold

Creativity : Creative System with non-directional behavior (Korean Patent)

Development year : 1993

Industrialization facts : Transferred and sold to Hwa Cheon Co. from 1995(Model name : MIDAS)

Market Size : Sales opening from 1995


Function : Grinding Automatically Brazed region on the upper and the side of chassis

Creativity :
-A initiative work without any precedence in the developed countries
-Transfered to Hyundai motors Co.

Development year : 1997

Industrialized facts : Operated on the production line of Daewoo Motor. in Bu-pyug from 1997

Market size : Applied to the Chassis line in Daewoo Motor Co. from 1997


Function : Automatic recognition welding with laser vision sensor in the welding process for chassis

Creativity : The first application for the automotive production line (Korean patent)

Development year : 1996

Industrialized facts : Operated in the p°³duction line of Daewoo Motor Co. from 1997


Function : Robot traces the men's moving and save the traces automatically using F/T sensor

Creativity : The first Case in Korea (Korean patent)

Development year : 1995

Industrialized facts : Transferred to the assembly class in Hyundai Automation co.


Function : The automation system grinding the sophisticated 3D shape of faucet

Creativity : The world's first application in production line ( Korean Patent)

Development year : 1994

Industrialized Facts : Applied to the production line of YuJin Metal co. from 1994

Market Size :
- Applied to the production line from 1994,
- Yu Jin Metal Co. Started to business of the Grinding Robot based on this technology


Function : The next generation capsule-size endoscope which is diagnostic imaging device and replacing conventional push type system

Creativity : The world's smallest endoscope(10mm x 25 mm), Imaging transmission unit is international patent(American/Korean Patent)

Development year : 2003

Industrialized facts :
- Transferred and confirmed contract with I3 system in August 2003.
- The minimum Royalty : 460,000,000 Won
- Running Royalty : 3% of the sales

Market size : 2trillion 2 hundred million won, 300 million won sale until 2010


Function : Colon endoscope goes through the path of colon automatically for reducing pains

Creativity : The world's first development(cooperative development with Italy) (American/Korean Patent)

Development year : 2001

Industrialized facts :
- Contract with Europe Venture company, ERA Endoscope in Oct. 2004.
- The minimum Royalty : 70,000 ¢ę
- Running Royalty : 2 to 2.5% of the sales

Market size : The goal sales of ERA is 160 billion won